Why WordPress?

WordPress is designed as a platform for bloggers. It’s complete CMS with all functionalities. The authors WordPress called it “a phenomenal platform for publishing content with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability”. Very well organized and written code allows users of WordPress to easily add content. Some of the reasons why WordPress is the best platform where you can establish your business:

1. It’s free

WordPress is available with all its accessories, totally free for download from their site. The service set up WordPress on hosting the lease is a service that we want to spread among our clients. Clients can create content at any time.

2. It’s open source

This means that it is made of the common people, combining their knowledge. You can add your knowledge to this formula and improve themselves WordPress. There is no owner of WordPress, it is developed, maintained and promoted by the community of people who love it.

3. It’s powerful

It is very resourceful. WordPress itself offers a large number of advanced features, its usefulness can be multiplied using the plugin. At any time, you can change the HTML and CSS as you want.

4. It’s simple

It allows you to add content and managing your site in a very simple way. Each option speaks for itself, and the user interface is simple, free and very pleasant to work with. You can set a new text or image in two clicks.

5. It’ll take a long time

Often free solutions do not last long, due to pressure which users make on authors. WordPress has been increasing steadily since 2003, is still in first place when the CMS platform in question. In its development involved a lot of people, and it is an indication that it will not last long.

These are the reasons for choosing WordPress!

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